Kakuro Blend

Developed by Ryan Clarke

Kakuro Blend is exactly like the Japanese puzzle, Kakuro, but with colors instead of numbers. Each puzzle contains a grid with initially empty squares and colorful triangles. The goal is to fill the squares to the right or below the triangles, so they mix to create the color within their respective triangles.

These puzzles are designed to be difficult, with some mixed colors looking exactly alike but having different answers. To help combat the difficulty, a error button, a hint button, and a Color Lab were added so the player wouldn’t be extremely lost. The error button tells you how many errors you have on your grid, and the hint button erases all the errors you have on your grid, but you only three of them per level.

The Color Lab is one of the most interesting features to this game. Since there are no numbers on the grid, like a regular Kakuro, you can’t do the math to see if your answers add up correctly. The Color Lab is the solution to this problem. It allows the player to mix any and all available colors to see the resulting mixture and compare it to the grid. On top of that, the player can right click anywhere in the game to select a color, that will appear next to the mixture in the Color Lab. The screenshot below will help better visualize the game.

Kakuro Blend includes 40 increasingly challenging levels, from 6×6 to 15×10, and 8 different color palettes that change up the game slightly so the player doesn’t get used to the same mixtures.

If you like unique puzzles and clean, visually pleasing gaming experiences, Kakuro Blend is right for you. It releases March 15th, 2021 for Windows on Steam.

The link to the demo zip files are available for Windows here. To play the demos, download the .zip files, unzip them then run the applications within those folders. To exit the demo, hit the settings button on the main menu and press the exit game button.

The manual for how to play is available below for pdf download.

If you like the game and want to see more please visit the Steam page here and add the game to your wishlist! It will also be available at Itch.io here. Also, if you want, you can sign up for the mailing list below.

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About the Developer

Hi, my name is Ryan Clarke. I am an Electrical Engineer and I do solo game development in my free time. I’ve made two amateurish card games for iOS and Android, but I’m much more proud and excited for my new project Kakuro Blend. I enjoys basketball, fitness, cats, and have recently gotten into the TV show, Survivor. I am a big fan criticism and feedback, so feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions or really anything at all.


Twitter: @OglankyboiP

Reddit: u/ogLankyBoiProd

Email: oglankyboipro@gmail.com

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